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Supplemental Training

When we look at the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Alex Morgan and Tobin Heath, it is easy for us to say- wow these players are something special! How can they be that good!! But it is not an accident. These players eat, sleep and breathe professionalism. Every detail of their training and lifestyle is designed and controlled to get specific outcomes.

You can even look at players like James Milner. Now talent wise there is no argument that he’s not on the same level as the fore-mentioned players, but Milner is a player who has won 3 Premier League titles, made 61 international appearances and been playing professional soccer for the past 18 years. That is not easily done! A former teammate of both Ronaldo and Milner recently was quoted for comparing the similarities between the players due to their attention to detail and professionalism.


So where does LPA soccer come in?

We provide professional training accessible to all players, giving you the same level of detail and support that you would receive in a professional club. We provide players with the required help and support to develop across the four key areas of player development:

· Technical Development

· Tactical Development

· Physical Development

· Psychological & Social Development


How do we do this?

We do this through one of our services... Supplemental Training sessions!!

Supplemental Training is additional training outside of a player’s current team training schedule. Through small group sessions, supplemental training can have massive benefits to a player’s development by allowing a closer player/coach relationship and more detailed feedback. Each session is tailored specifically to meet the developmental needs of each player, and focuses on skill-sets required to play in a set position.

Supplemental Training has become a massive factor in the professional game the past ten years and has filtered down the soccer channels. Because the small details make a massive difference; coaches, players and teams are looking at every aspect of their game to improve. With the addition of in-possession and out-of-possession coaches, teams are preparing in more depth and working on more unit-based training. An example of which is Allan Russell who formed a supplemental company, training strikers (Superior Striker) and now works with the English National team’s forwards.


What does this mean for the players?

Ultimately, it means that the individual standard of player is improving. With every detail being monitored on a micro level, with more in-depth feedback given, player’s skill-set are improving greatly. Supplemental Training gives players opportunities to learn the skills in controlled environments allowing for higher level of success when applied to game scenarios.

Why does this matter to you?

Whether you are looking to make your HS or club team; aiming for that college scholarship; or looking to go professional... the competition is HUGE!! The impact of COVID-19's is also going to make this even harder! Less collegiate avenues, less collegiate scholarships! So you need to give yourself every opportunity to succeed and separate yourself from the rest!

Contact us today and let LPA soccer help you to reach your goals.

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