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Exciting News! - S&C Memberships coming August 3rd!

This week’s blog brings some really exciting and game changing news!!! LPA soccer objectives are to provide professional coaching and support to players who are not currently at a professional club. By focusing on the four-corner development model (technical, tactical, physical and psycho/social), players receive high-end, professional coaching even if they are not at a professional club! This means that the gap between youth soccer and collegiate/ professional will be reduced…as players will be able to train to these high standards wherever they are!

Which leads me to the news….

I am very happy to announce that LPA Soccer will be formally collaborating with Continuum Performance Center (CPC) to offer a soccer specific monthly strength and conditioning (S&C) membership available to players at U14-U19s. These workouts will be periodized based on high school/ club and academy soccer, to offer players a monthly strength and conditioning (S&C) workout plan to take their game to the next level.

CPC have nearly a decade of experience in the college S&C sector and over a decade in the youth sector. With a passion for understanding human anatomy, Myofascial Facilitation and Trigger Point Release therapy; CPC offer a unique approach to program design that will elevate a player’s potential beyond expectations.

As a player, I was only introduced to soccer specific strength and conditioning at the age of 17…and consequently, I strongly believe this was detrimental to my development. Therefore, I wanted to provide players with an opportunity to improve their physical development, and assist them to achieve their goals. You only have to look at the collegiate and professional game now to see how important S&C really is. The game is much quicker and the physical demands placed on soccer players are uniquely greater than ever before.

Having worked with Geoff Sullivan and CPC for the past few years, it was a no brainer to form this partnership. In addition to his vast knowledge and experience in the S&C world…Geoff’s a soccer guy! And that in itself is a massive factor in the decision process. Soccer is such a unique sport to physically prepare for and having an expert in physical therapy and S&C that knows soccer is a win-win!

Monthly memberships will be available on as of August 3rd, 2020. For more information, please email

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